During my residency at the Ecosciences Precinct I had the pleasure of meeting a lady called Sharmane. One of her responsibilities is to monitor chlorophyll levels of water samples that are sourced from around Queensland. This information is used to understand what level of plant/algae life is in the waterways and how it may be changing over time. The technique she uses to measure the chlorophyll is called Absorption spectroscopy, which measures how much light energy chlorophyll absorbs at certain wavelengths.

One of my objectives throughout this residency was to look at how scientists move within their environment and attempt to relate this movement to the science they were performing. Sharmane kindly let me take a 5 minute video of her measuring her chlorophyll samples that I then used as the basis of this work.

I began by covering a piece of A1 paper with green pastel. I then projected the film onto the paper and, in an attempt to mimic the absorption of light by the chlorophyll, I used an eraser to rub out her movement. I then replayed the same video this time tracing her movement with a charcoal line. The resulting picture gives you some idea of the spaces she inhabited throughout the experiment, as well as the constant movement involved.



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  1. Amy Hickman says:

    I love the idea of space and movement and the connection between work and art that you made so beautifully visible!

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