Wood-block print

Bed slats and bed sheet

The act of migration is accompanied by an immense amount of emotional and physical change. It involves both dislocation from the known and adaptation to the new. Although often bringing a depth of prior knowledge and cultural heritage to the new country, the migrant often feels that they must change and integrate. They deliberately suppress the past in order to adapt and change. Just like a growing child, migrants mimic the habits of the new country, learning through imitation. They often copy the surrounding culture without understanding; each action only a reflection of what is observed. However, over time this learning becomes knowledge and both cultures are allowed to mingle and the present and the past can coexist.

In Inscribed-Impressed I have attempted to represent this cultural adaptation. I have used bed slats sourced from a child’s bed and cut a pattern of tree with an immense root system. It is difficult to interpret the image because of the information missing between each slat. I then printed these slats onto a bed sheet, which gives an impression of the surface. Relief printing allows the surface to be replicated, but does not give form to the original object.


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