I was inspired to attempt a print animation after seeing the work of William Kentridge in the exhibition Drawn from Africawhich is currently touring various Australian galleries. Kentridge has produced a number of animation films which rely on both removing and erasing drawings from paper. I thought that this would be an interesting technique to transfer to printing making, where I could record the removal of the relief block as the image was produced. Relief printing is a process where you remove the areas you don’t want, which then leaves the raised untouched areas to produce the final print.

I was interested in connecting the idea of removal that occurs during the printing process, to the loss of dignity many refugees are subjected to in detentions centres. Tragically, in many cases seeking asylum can also lead to the loss of life.

I made two short animations which I printed on a roll of Kongo rice paper. The rolls were installed in the gallery with the relief block positioned at the end of the roll.

Click on the images below to see the short animations that accompanied the installation.



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  1. zenschoolforcreatives says:

    Very strong and well presented work Jeanette, as always!

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