Relief prints into wooden drawers, test tubes


What does it mean to be restricted, to have your movements constantly monitored and controlled? During WWII, following the invasion of the Netherlands by Germany, my grandfather was conscripted by the German government to work in Berlin. Although not physically restricted, his movements were closely monitored and any non-compliance would have mean imprisonment and possibly the imprisonment of his family. As an artist I was interested in exploring these universal ideas of restriction and control, especially in an age where oppression and restriction often lead to migration and where people go to extreme lengths to seek freedom in a new country. I was interested in examining how individual identity is crushed and where every action is directed towards the interests of those with power. Interestingly, even when freedom from these restrictions has been attained, the memories of the events are still contained and hidden from view. In this work I have reinterpreted a number of photographs of my grandfather’s experience in Germany to explore this theme of restriction.


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  1. Pieter Stok says:

    THat is brilliant Jeanette and very moving.

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