Dichotomic Drawing: The Laboratory

I have always found it interesting the way scientists are portrayed in the wider community. When somebody finds out that I work in the lab you can feel yourself being put into a box, or up on a pedestal. The most common comment is “Oh…you must be so smart.” In some circumstances you get the opposite reaction; I become the person who puts evil chemicals in their food or is trying to kill the environment. This feeling of being ‘other’ is obviously not limited to scientists but I thought it would be an interesting concept to tackle being a scientist myself.

In this drawing project I was asked to investigate how artists and artists models interact. In this case the artist is the model and the model is the artist.  I decided to use the glass door of the lab and get Margy (fellow scientist) to draw me, while I drew her from the other side of the door. To emphasise that she was in the lab I got her to put on the lab coat, safety glasses and gloves. We had about 4-5 minutes. I wanted to capture both perspectives: Margy looking out of the lab and me looking in. So we did the drawing performance twice. By the second drawing we had both loosened up and really started tracking each other and responding to each others movements.

Here are the links to the two videos: Lab out and Lab in

It is really interesting to see the drawing develop and you can see on our faces that we are having a lot of fun!


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  1. zenschoolforcreatives says:

    Love your work Jeanette!

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