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Recently, during one of my art classes we were asked to explore our personal identity and the subcultures or cultures that we identify with. It was an interesting exercise. When I actually thought about it a lot of the affiliations I have and the activities I like to do all revolve around discovery and learning. For me this then leads to creating. Science is a subculture that I have been a part of for over a decade and influence on me has been quite substantial. It was fun to start thinking of ways to portray these ideas of discovery using the tools of scientific investigation.

I decided to work with microscope slides because they are easily identifiable, even for non-scientists. I approached the first piece like a scientist. I took a sewing pattern piece, cut it up and attached it to the slides. I love how visually interesting it became once I started moving the the slides around. The second piece is more personal. I found a childhood photo of myself looking into a garden pond with my mother. I realised that this summed up a lot of these concepts of learning, and revealed I have been doing these things from the very beginning.

…….and yes, there are so many other fun things to try with these slides. I’m sure it’ll keep me occupied for a little while.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendy Austin says:

    I really love this . Great idea.

  2. Pieter Stok says:

    Girl you are brilliant! Love the concept.

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